PRISM index #1

In PRISM index #1, the front and back covers are silk-screened on handmade paper and then hand bound. Limited to 500 copies sold. Inside includes: 80 pages printed offset onto 60 lb paper, 24 in full color. These pages range from paintings, drawings, comics, short stories, non-fiction, and more. Sewn into the middle of the book are a hand linoblock stamped 72-minute CD and 88-minute DVD. The CD ranges from old country classics, dissonant throat singing, vagabond lullabies, to a Mariah Carey cover. The DVD is no less modest with films about space invasion, homosexuality’s connection with orange juice, an eternal question, lost opportunities to urinate, and exotic zoology. There are tons of little personal additions including mini-comics, recipes, or other junk lying around.

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PRISM index #1 Trailer: