PRISM index #2

PRISM index #2 is presented in the same format as issue #1. However, this time round the handmade book is filled with a couple more pages, 88 to be exact, of art, comics, short fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography and more. Sewn inside is a linoblock stamped 76.5 minute CD featuring rare and unreleased music. Below the CD, a DVD is sewn and stamped in holding 16 astonishing films clocking in at 110 minutes. The cover paper is still handmade paper and silkscreened with 2 colors. PRISM index #2 is limited to 500 copies. With over 55 new artists this time one can expect completely different content, but a similar experience: peculiar. If you’re a person that would be interested in reading about a wig company for dogs, run by dogs, a ghost story from Dropopolograd???, and a girl who paid a price too great for not liking apples, then this is the book for you. If you’re a person who would like to hear a hobo traveler gruff the blues, or three ladies harmonize on key, or sounds from completely unique, one-of-kind synthesizers, then this is the CD for you. If you’re the kind of person who wants to watch tourists squirt sunscreen on burnt babies and block out the sun with their butts, or an abstracted visual poem of Death Valley, California, followed by Midwestern morals and morale being tested regarding a small town losing a family business, a bunch of other weird, wild, poignant and touching films, concluded with a woman just looking for love, but having horse hoofs for hands, then this is the DVD for you. It’s a time.

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PRISM index #2 Trailer: